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I have been wanting to write this blog for a while now, but I knew I wanted to write it well, so I have been putting it off until I had enough quiet and mental focus to write this all out. So here I go.

I can honestly say that one of the biggest blessings during this pregnancy ( besides the obvious baby growing, etc) is having pregnant friends. I was blessed to have two very close friends who were 8 weeks ahead of me and 8 weeks behind me. I can not even describe how thankful I am to have had these relationships throughout these last 9 months.

First off, if you have read any of my previous blogs you know that one of the friends I am talking about is Stephanie.


We grew up together and have been friends since we were about 11 years old. That makes our friendship about 20 years long. ( wow Steph!) She lives in a different state but because social media and texting is so great now we have been able to keep up with each other every step of this pregnancy! We both started trying to have a child around the same time and we are both so excited to have our kids only be 2 months apart! We text each other every week to catch up on all the little details. Our two pregnancies have been very different, but its been great to be able to go through this with her!


Then I have my good friend Deborah.


I met Deborah at the beginning of 2015 at a Columbus creative group meeting called Tuesdays Together. We ended up sitting beside each other and it was one of the greatest things. We instantly hit it off and started helping each other on a couple weddings, and having coffee dates. ( even though I don’t drink coffee) She quickly became a wonderful friend. Then in January we took a road trip to DC together for a photographers convention. We talked the whole way there and the whole way back. It was fun and crazy and it took our friendship to the next level. On that trip she told me that she was recently expecting. I was so happy for her!   About a month later I found out I was expecting. One of the first things I did was text Deborah and tell her and we instantly came up with a plan. We were going to be walking buddies. The goal was to attempt to walk every week. This wasn’t possible with crazy schedules, etc, but we walked together as much as we could. I can not explain how much these walks meant to me. She was 8 weeks ahead of me so it was great for me to ask questions to someone who was going through everything, but just a little before me. We are also both photographers so being able to relate on so many levels was great. I admire this woman and look up to her on SO many ways and to be able to get advice ( on EVERYTHING in my life) from her was something I truly appreciated. She has since had her little boy, Reddington, and he is the cutest! He has such a great mom! We also have NO intention of stopping our walks anytime soon! ( The coming weather may slow us down a bit, but there are other options!) I just love this lady!

One of our last walks together before her little guy arrived! 


Now I know its not possible to PLAN to have your close friends pregnant the same time as you, but if you are newly pregnant I definitely recommend finding a pregnant moms group, whether online or in your town! I joined a Facebook group just for moms expecting in October and it has been such a blessing. I am lucky, with this group there is no judging and just Moms supporting Moms. I think literally every question that could be asked, has been asked and answered in this group. It is an amazing tool and place to ease so many worries.

The biggest thing I am thankful for ALL of these amazing ladies is just how much easier mentally this pregnancy has gone. I do not feel alone at all. I am so supported by women who understand and going through  same thing. It helps with all the worries and educates me on so many things I would never have thought of otherwise. I am just thankful.

So to sum all this up. Ladies, go find your tribe. Support each other, love each other, be there for each other. It can really mean the world to someone!!




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