Our Gender Neutral Nursery


When we first decided we were not going to find out the gender of Baby G one of my first thoughts was, ” I do not want a tan and gray nursery.” Then my second thought was ” I do not want an animal theme.” Well, you can tell by the photos, this was exactly what happened, and I love it.

We have been asked by a lot of family for some photos, so I thought I would share a few!!

Matthew worked so hard preparing for this baby! He painted, and painted and painted some more. ( closet, trim, ceiling, walls, etc) I love how bright and fresh the room feels!

We kind of just did a mixture of tastes and designs. Thats kind of how we are in general.

A cell phone shot overview. Lady is patiently waiting for the baby also!! 



I wanted a “statement piece” above the crib, but I still wanted it simple. I found the paper mache’ antelope at World Market and loved it! The frames came from Hobby Lobby. 2016-10-06_0003 2016-10-06_0005 2016-10-06_0004

We bought the furniture at a kids store in Columbus that was going out of business. it originally came with gray knobs but I wanted to change it up a bit and make it a little more modern, so I bought these cute geometric wooden knobs at Hobby Lobby. I love how the dresser turned out! 2016-10-06_0001

My grandfather built me this shelf when I was a little girl. Matthew touched up the paint and hung it. The wooden animals on the shelf Matthews grandpa cut them and his aunt painted them. I love how we have things from both of our grandfathers up!  2016-10-06_0012

One of my favorite things! The marquee sign! I can’t wait to leave little motes for Baby G! 2016-10-06_0010

I am going to change up this shelf a little bit eventually. Take down the ultrasound photos and add something new, but it’s good until I find something. 2016-10-06_0009

We knew we needed a end table to go beside our glider but we were being picky. We didn’t want anything large and we wanted it to go with the rest of the room. I found this end table at Target that matches the wood and gray in the rest of the furniture perfectly! I couldn’t have asked for a better piece! We go the bookshelf at target also. I also need to change the “styling” of it eventually, but it will do for now! 2016-10-06_0008

Our little hidden “miscellaneous” shelf. With the humidifier, white noise machine and monitor. All lovely gifts from family. 2016-10-06_0013  2016-10-06_0014

All in all, we love the nursery. It might need a few touches here and there. ( like a baby?) But it is a perfectly cozy place to bring our baby home in!



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