Anniversary photos at Jeffrey Mansion

When my husband and I hit our one year anniversary I mentioned it would be fun to do photos. So we agreed that every year near our anniversary we would have our photos taken. This year we went back and forth debating whether we wanted to have the session be just Matthew and I or with Eloise. I love the idea of taking an evening and devoting it to just us, especially since we just had our family photos taken in our home. BUT after we thought about it we just could not see having them done without Eloise. She is a result of our love and we wanted to show that. We took some time out during the session and had a handful of photos of just Matthew and I.

Again, my dear dear friend Deborah met up with us and took some of my favorite photos of my little family.

For these photos all I knew was that I wanted to get dressed up really pretty. lol. I wanted them as different from our casual in home photos (which we absolutely ADORE) as possible. So we headed to Jeffery mansion on a beautiful spring day. We found a row on blooming trees which ended our session absolutely perfect!

Photos by DG Photography

A lot of people have asked about my dress, I got it at lulus. It is sold put but they have a really similar one here.

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