Little Miss 6 Months

I will not get sappy. I will not get sappy. I will not get sappy.

YOU GUYS!!! She is 6 months!! Half of a year!!!!! WHAT is going on?!? She has made it halfway around the sun! What?

Sigh. So yeah. Eloise is now 6 months. I didn’t post anything yesterday on her ACTUAL 6months half year birthday because A. I shot a really long wedding the day before and I was exhausted b.I had two sessions to get to and C. I wanted to snuggle/cuddle/nap with my big precious 6 month old. So I did. Best. decision. ever.

This month my work started picking up so we had days of running around like crazy women. It’s been fun/hard/learning you name it. I shot my first two weddings this month. Let me tell you it wasn’t easy. I think I will save all that for a whole other blog post.

Eloise has definitely changed and grown SO MUCH this month. She has such a fun personality and she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. She is not a little baby that just lays there anymore. She moves. And moves. And moves. We are so CLOSE to actual crawling. At the beginning of the month she would get up on her hands and knees and scooch backwards. Now she is making her way forward. ( Or sideways when she decides to just roll herself wherever she wants) She has taken a few crawling “steps”. (what do you call it when she crawls? Crawls, steps, creps?) It is only a matter of time before we have to bubble wrap the whole house because she will be on the go!

She also has learned to sit herself up. She goes from her crawling stance and then tucks a leg under the other somehow, rotates her hips and lands on her bottom. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?!?

Fun Facts:

  • Again, not sure of weight. Her Doctors appointment is tomorrow so I will come back and change this then
  • She is Mobile! She is almost crawling but she still finds a way to get to where she needs to go!
  • Can sit up on her own
  • Can add Avocado to the list of foods she has now tried
  • Thinks it’s hilarious when you tell her NO
  • LOVES her dog Lady. ( Lady still isn’t sure if she feels the same way. Its a slow growing love)
  • She has recently become obsessed with other kids. She LOVES watching kids play, especially her cousin Tristan. (She also is fascinated by her Uncle Andres. When those two are together she can not take her eyes off of them!)
  • We recently let her sip some water and she loves it!
  • Favorite song this month : Patty-cake

This month in the life of Eloise

  • Celebrated Mommy and Daddy’s 3 year wedding anniversary by hanging out with my Aunt Jalana! (Mommy and Daddy date night!
  • Had professional photos taken TWICE!
  • Attended my first TWO weddings!
  • Celebrated Easter!!!

Eloise is SO so much fun! I absolutely love this mom thing!


Lemon pants/headband: Macie & Me

1/2 Onsie: Erika Green design ( Erika custom made this once just for E. She is fabulous and great to work with!)

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