The Tulip Fields


Ever since Matthew and I have been together he always said he wanted to take me to go see where he went to college. A beautiful little campus up in Grand Rapids Michigan called Calvin College. Then every spring he always says ” I really need to take you to see Tulip Time in Michigan. SO this year we noticed I had the weekend of Tulip Time off and we decided to take Eloise on her first road trip up to the beautiful state of Michigan. ( I am not a huge football fan so all of you Ohio State fans can stop saying BLUGH, it really is a beautiful state!)

We left late on Thursday evening with the intent on Eloise sleeping the whole car ride. That was totally successful. Once we got to the hotel and tried to put her back to sleep. That was, well, unsuccessful. It was a rough night to say the least. Eloise was ready to party!

Friday morning we woke up on our very limited amount of sleep and got ready for the day. We headed over to see Calvin College. I absolutely loved the campus. Everything was brick! It was beautiful! All of our blooming trees here in Ohio have lost the blooms and turned green but in Michigan all the trees were in prime bloom and the campus had them everywhere! Matthew showed me all his frequent hangouts. Including, but not limited too, his engineering lab in a basement that he spent most of his time. It was neat to see even though I did not understand anything I was looking at. Definitely made me even more impressed with the husband!

After we toured Calvin we realized it was Cinco De  Mayo so we grabbed some queso and chimichangas for lunch! (Pretty much my favorite ever)

We stayed the next two nights at our friends house. It was Matthews old college friend and his wife. (The owner of Macie and Me.)

Saturday came and after breakfast with some other of Matthews old friends we headed out to Tulip Time in Holland Michigan.

Holland is a darling little town. Lots of fun shops and there were vendors/foods/crafts/dancing galore for the festival. We spent hours walking around taking it all in and eating good food. We also drove out to a farm called Veldheer’s Tulip Farm. This is where we took most of the photos. The flowers were so pretty and even though it was chilly, the sun was shining and it was just beautiful.

Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1868 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1869 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1870 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1871  Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1873 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1874Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1872 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1875 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1876 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1877 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1878 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1879 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1880 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1881 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1882 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1883 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1884 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1885 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1886 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1887 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1888 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1889 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1891 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1892 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1893 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1894 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1895 Tulip Farm, Holland Michigan_1896


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