Dear Eloise

Dear Eloise,

This week marks a special time for us two. This week we will be celebrating our first Mothers Day. I’m not sure it’s actually sunk in that I am a mother, or maybe I am already used to being your mom, but it hasn’t hit me. The fact that I am your very own mother.

These last 6 months have by FAR been the happiest, hardest, easiest, most love filled months of my life. You are like a little light that when everything seems dark, you brighten it just a bit. And I know this isn’t just for me. Everyone who meets you, or even sees you in passing, can’t help but light up in a smile. My hope for you is that your little light is always shining. My job, as your Mother, is to help you with that.

Your Father and I can already tell you are going to be a happy person. You have been happy since the day you were born. You wake up, see me or your father and you are the happiest you know how to be. I will do my best to keep you a happy person. At the same time teaching, guiding, and yes, even sometimes discipline you. But it will all be out of our love for you. To keep you a happy person.

There will be lots of times of smiles and laughter, and time of tears. I want you to always know that you can always come to me at anytime. Any state. With anything. I will do my best to be a listening and loving ear. I will try to always have open arms for hugs or shoulders for tears. I will try to have smiles and jokes to lighten to not-so-happy days. I will try.

There will be times I will fail you. I will not always be perfect, or happy, or forgiving. But I promise you I will TRY. With everything in me, I want to be the best mother to you I possibly can be. Just remember that I love you.

This Mothers Day my gift to you (because I wouldn’t have this day without you) is to always try. It’s such a simple word but has so much meaning to it, and that is what I will give to you. I hope it’s enough. Everything we do is out of love for you.

So so so much love.

Your Mother.

These amazing photos were taken by the wonderful Lauren Lee Photography 


13 thoughts on “Dear Eloise”

  1. Such a sweet post! Also councidentally our okd blog which hasn’t been updated recently is called thegardnersgrow as well as my instagram! Hope you have a wonderful mother’s day!

  2. She is so beautiful just like her mother. What a lucky little girl to have a wonderful mother as yourself.

  3. She is so blessed to have you for a mother and Matthew for a father, and I am so blessed to have you all in my family! It’s so much fun to watch her grow and to watch you all grow as a family!!
    The pictures are fabulous!

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