Baby’s First Fourth

The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. I am not quite sure why, but I just love everything about it! Especially the fireworks. I grew up in a lake town and we always had a boat. Every year the lake would fill up with boats and have an amazing fireworks show right over the water. There is something extra magical about being on a boat, rocking on the water and watching fireworks. Maybe its the reflection in the water, or maybe I just love being on a boat. Either way, I always loved it. The last few years there has been work on the lake so there haven’t been “official” fireworks. So we decided to do something different.

Ohio is known for Red, White and Boom. Its a HUGE fireworks show in downtown Columbus. I had never been until I married Matthew. Matthews parents donate to a hospital in Columbus and they get tickets every year to a rooftop Fourth of July party. Its a huge party with food, games, gifts, music. It’s a giant party. This year we were able to go.

We thought this would be the best way to see fireworks anyway for Eloise. The hospital is just out of downtown and the crazy crowd, and its just far enough away that the fireworks aren’t loud.

We ate, laughed and watched the fireworks. I love how all the towers in Columbus light up red white and blue. Especially the Leveque Tower. Eloise LOVED the fireworks for the 5 minutes she was awake. lol. It was a beautiful night!

Eloise’s dress is from Dot Dot Smile, and she had her first piggies!! How stinking cute are they? I was dying the whole night!! My dress is from Target.

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