Day 3- Beaufort, Shakleford Banks, Shelling and Boat Rides

Yesterday could be summed up in a couple of words. Unprepared, hot, super fun. Basically we had no idea what we were in for but we embraced it and enjoyed it.

We heard there was a town a little drive down the island that was cute and had lots to do. It is called Beaufort, and if it wasn’t for the crazy heat, I would be begging my husband to move there. It had everything I love. It was a boating town with cute shops and restaurants, but my favorite was the homes! I fell in LOVE with these little southern homes on this island! They were full of charm and character and right by the water.

We stopped and had lunch at The Dock House. It was a fun little restaurants with pub type food. We sat on the patio right on the ocean and felt the breeze while we ate. I got in the spirit and got me some southern food. Black beans and rice with sausage and ship. Matthew for Shrimp and grits and we all were happy with our food.

After lunch we headed to the boats. A few years back we had taken a wild horse tour and we all loved it. We saw that there were wild horse boat rides that included shelling. We thought it sounded fun. We knew we were under prepared when we got up to the boat and every other passenger was in swimming gear and had bags, coolers, chairs, and towels. As we are all dressed in our normal clothes. Some of us with not-so-beach-friendly shoes. I then also realized that I had a serious #momfail and forgot Eloise’s sunhat. Thank goodness the boat was covered. The boat took off and we enjoyed a beautiful ride surrounded by lots of little islands. We saw one wild pony in the distance.

The boat pulled up to island and they just pulled up on the sand and dropped us off. We got off the boat and was just left on the island surrounded by water. It was beautiful! We all took off our shoes and decided to make the best of it! (I should add here that we thought there would actually be a horse tour, but it turns out the horses just lived on the island you would occasionally see them wandering.) Half of the island was on the sound side which was great for swimming and wading and the other half of the island was ocean side and was great for shelling. So we decided to shell.

The water was rough and scary, especially since we weren’t wearing suits, but we ended up having fun and finding some really cool shells. Breanna found the winner! I didn’t take as many photos or video because it was hot, I was shelling, and baby-wearing, but I managed to snag a few.


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