Sunsets, Sunflowers and Sparklers – Day 4

Day 4 started out slow and calm. We woke up to realize that someone had stole our beach awning, but we didn’t let that it stop us. We found a beach umbrella at our rental house and spent time at the beach. I didn’t take any photos because 1. I was having too much fun and 2. I forgot to put a memory card in it. We got some “sweet” Gopro footage of Gabby, Breanna and I riding some killer waves. (that was extreme sarcasm…)

After the beach we cooled off at the pool and headed home for naps and to get ready for dinner. We headed to a small town called Swansboro and ate at a cute little place on the water called The Salt Water Grill.

Every year we take “family photos” so we went out on the docks before we ate and took a few of the group. It’s always a gamble when you have a stranger try to take a photo of everyone using a big camera. Our first batch we got were 100% out of focus. I blame myself. Set #2 was better and we got a few. The wind was insane but we are all together!

After the great food at diner we were driving home when we noticed a huge strip of sunflowers. We stopped to snap a few there. It was super cute and totally filled with people all having the same idea.

It got dark really fast and by the time we got home it was dark enough for sparklers. It took us a few attempts butI think we finally got it!

I think today we might be relaxing and then we are leaving first thing in the morning for home so this “might” be my last daily blog. I will be posting our vacation video soon!

It was an amazing trip and we always love our week together!

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