Little miss 10 Months

DOUBLE DIGITS! My girl is in the double digits. I’ve been putting off typing this because I literally do not have the words. Maybe because I am starting to get all emotional about this first year, or maybe it’s because we have been SO BUSY I haven’t even thought about what to write. I’ll let you decide…

This months update will be short and sweet. We have been traveling, working, out of the house and all over. I snuck in these photos on a day we traveled to Chagrin Falls and Eloise was not having it. I got what I needed and moved on. 🙂

Much like the last updates we have been busy. Busy busy busy.

Let’s see if I can remember. 😉

Fun Facts:

  • Up to 7-8 (?) teeth now. We are not sure anymore. Sse refuses to let us look. lol.
  • Up to 5-6 steps on her own!! She is frequently letting go off the furniture and attempting to walk on her own. Any day now she is just going to keep going.
  • New favorite song is “Americano” by Lady Gaga. Seriously, the second that song starts she stops what she is going to smile and dance
  • We are up to three words ( with intention!) She says Da ( Dad) Dog and Cat. I love it when she says cat because she really enunciates the “T” and sounds like such a real word. ( basically saying them whenever one or the other enters the room, which is..a lot.

This Month in the Life of Eloise:

  • Started swim lessons!! Loves the water, unsure about all the people there.
  • First visit to the childrens museum COSI with her cousins
  • First visit to the fountains/splash pad downtown at the Scioto Mile and Bicentennial Park. TOTALLY unsure of all that!!
  • Visited her cousins in northern Ohio.

We are really looking forward to the next two months! We have a lot in store!!

Love, The Gardners


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