One Year Old.

Miss Eloise. It is here. You officially turn one year old today. The greatest Happiest of Birthdays to you my love. From the moment you entered this world we knew you were special. You were perfect. You were meant for us.

We absolutely adored every little bit of you.

All your teeny tiny parts. You were just perfect. We just couldn’t get enough.

The first weeks were cold and we cuddled and learned how to be a family. You were so adored.

Your first Christmas came. You were the best present we could have ever asked for.

Winter continued and you started to grow. You started getting a little life in you and your personality started shining through. We fell more and more in love.


We loved our family.  

Spring came and you really started to shine. You were happy, loving and smart.

This year was filled with so much good. SO much love. We had so much fun.

From meeting and visiting with all our new friends.

Some of my favorite moments of quiet.

We took trips.

Summer came and you couldn’t get enough of learning and growing. Always ahead of the game and quick to make us learn.

I simply love watching you and your daddy love each other. My two favorites.

How you sat in awe ( and a little frightened) of your first beach trip. Just taking it all in.

The year had a few small setbacks. Like an Er trip and a few bumps and bruises.

But the good that came from you, far far outweighed any bump.

You became my companion, my buddy, my coworker and best friend. We went and did everything together.

Including our family trip to Boston

And then fall came, and I knew this first year was coming to an end. Watching you has been my greatest pleasure in my whole life.

Now you are going to become a big sister. I can already tell you are going to be great. You love so much and you are so so happy. I can nt wait to see you be the best big sibling. No doubt baby G2 will look up to you in all you do.

We love you so so much little squish. You are far more than any child I could have dreamt of. You have been the best baby and our hearts just grow with every little thing you do. I honestly can not wait to see you keep growing and growing. We love you Eloise.

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