20 weeks and Fall family photos

I just have so much I love about this blog.

  1. I am officially halfway through my pregnancy!!! I am 20 weeks today! It does NOT feel like I should be halfway through. I feel as though I just found out. We have done basically nothing to prepare for this baby. We keep saying “After the holidays”. Then we will go into baby mode!


2. We got our fall family photos back! I. AM. OBSESSED. I literally can not stop looking at them. I have been in love with Jenny Haas’s work for years. I follow all that she does. Her work is always always stunning. When I saw her post her fall sessions I knew I had to sign us up.

We got to our session out at a rock quarry in Dayton. It felt like we were in a completely different state. Definitely not Ohio. Jenny was great and we had fun. Eloise was, well, a typical one year old and I told Jenny I was just happy with anything she could get. She did NOT dissapoint. I will let the photos speak for themselves, but MAN do I love them.

Go leave her some love. Jenny Haas Photography

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