Monthly Update: November Edition

I told myself when starting this blog that my goal was to blog once a month. I am squeaking in the month with just one big ole family update.

Almost all of November I was sick. Sick sick sick. I had the worst cold/allergies/sinus thing. What few medications pregnant women CAN take caused my heart to race, so basically I had to wait it out. It last about 4 weeks for me. I had it so long Eloise got it, got better, and then got it again. Matthew had it for a few days, but unlike us ladies, he could just take some medication and he was better. I am finally starting to feel like myself, just this week.

So that definitely changed my whole blogging schedule. I was basically doing all the work ( job, mommy-ing, house, wife-ing) I needed to do to get by and then resting. Which also means, I didn’t take a whole lot of photos. Which is FINE. We were finishing up busy season anyway and needed a moment (or weeks) to re-coup.

Eloise has changed SO so much. From the day she turned one, something switched in that girl. She went from baby to toddler. Her personality has GROWN. She has emotions. Oh boy does she have emotions. She also has become even MORE independent and is getting very very frustrated when she can’t ( or isn’t allowed) to do something on her own. She is also so so funny. You can see her trying to get people to laugh. And dancing…..her life is ALL about dancing now! She has a toy elephant that plays music and she hits the button and goes to town. All day. She has taught herself how to spin (no idea where that came from) and even though she falls 75% of the time, she just spins and spins and dances. It is so fun to watch. She also talks! Non.Stop! I have no idea what she is saying but she is carrying on full conversations with whomever will listen. It’s pretty hysterical. And like the lady at Joanne Fabrics told me this week, I am going to have my hands full when she can actually say what she is meaning to say!

We had three different Thanksgivings this year. All on separate days. I had so much fun being with family and chasing Eloise that I didn’t take any photos. Not even any on my phone. I was just present and I loved it.

Every year Matthews family gets together and picks a christmas tree for Matthew’s brother Nathan’s grave site. It’s something I am glad to be a part of. I love that his family keeps this tradition every year. I added a few cell phone photos of the day below.

We live really close to the Columbus Zoo which is known for their zoo lights. It’s always amazing and magical. Eloise has been “Oohing” and “Aahhing” over all the christmas trees and lights so we thought she would LOVE to zoo. She did, but she was so overwhelmed watching the lights, animals and especially kids she kind of had a shocked face. Until the music for the light show played. Then she boogied down. I also added a few of those photos!

Most of these photos are from my phone, but it’s just a small representation of our month. We are definitely looking forward to December. 



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