Snow Day

Eloise has seen snow. She has touched snow. She may have walked it in for a moment. But she has never played in the snow. So today, being a lazy Saturday, we went out for as long as our noses would let us and let her actually play.

She mostly just stood. A combination of her boots and the snow being up to her shins, but she absolutely loved it! Much like the beach, all she wanted to do was eat the snow. Thankfully, and unthankfully,  her mittens prevented her from really grabbing big piles of snow. Which also meant she couldn’t really hold any of the snowballs her Daddy was making for her.

Regardless, she had fun, Dad had fun, I had fun and Lady had a blast. (I added a couple photos of her being super elated!)

My most favorite face. I can’t believe I finally caught her cheesy smile. 

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