Cabin Weekend

My in-laws celebrated a big wedding anniversary recently. When asked how they wanted to celebrate they said all they wanted was a weekend away with their kids and grandkids. So that’s what we did.

We got an air b&b cabin out in Frazeysburg Ohio. Country roads and big old yards. It was quiet and pretty. We spent the weekend talking, laughing, doing puzzles, playing games and eating lots of yummy food. (SO glad I married into a foodie family!) It was also SO fun to watch Eloise actually play with her cousins. See was their little mimic. Everything they did, she tried to do as well. She smiled and laughed a lot, which made my heart happy.

As normal, I was having such a good time I didn’t even grab my camera until the morning we left. It was so foggy and pretty outside, and I woke up before everyone else (thanks Baby G2) so I put on my boots and went outside to grab a couple shots. Later that morning I snapped a couple of the cousins together.

It was a wonderfully fun weekend that was good for the soul. At least for me.

Sidenote: Since that weekend (and new years day) I have become obsessed with jigsaw puzzles. Since I do not have a good “Eloise-proof” area to do them in ourĀ  home, I have been doing them on my ipad every night before bed. It’s relaxing to me.

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