About Me

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my little space on the internet here! I am sure MOST of you came here through knowing me personally or you follow my photography work online and followed me here! For the rare few of you who happened to stumble upon this little blog, WELCOME!

My name is Ashley Gardner.

I am a wife, photographer, sister, daughter, fur mama,  friend to all, and most recently Soon-To-Be-Mama! (23 weeks along to be exact!)  I have a JOY and passion for connecting with people and sharing my story and learning others. I also have a deep love of photography. I thought, let’s combine all of my loves and put them on one little corner of the web. So that, my friends, is what I am doing! This will be a space for me to share in my newest adventure with stories and photos. It will not be perfect, and lord knows grammatically correct. It may turn into just a personal journal for me or something more, either way, I am totally excited!

Matt  Ashley Anniversary-143