Matching Cousins


Last month The Gardners packed up their car and spent a long weekend in Cleveland with my cousin Tiff and her family. Tiff had bought Eloise a little matching outfit with her daughter Lily. Boy these are so adorable. I know I am a month late in posting them but I couldn’t find the photos. Well now I have got a hold of them (thanks Tiff and Chad) and I am sharing them with you!

My cousins kids Chase and Lily are about the cutest ever. Tiff and I had been having conversations about bows for the girls. Chase heard all the talk about bows and when we started to take the photos, he ran up to his room and grabbed his bowtie. He wanted to be included. It was so sweet. Chase and Lily LOVED Eloise and kept her entertained the whole weekend! Chase kept asking Tiff if her was doing a good job “babysitting” her. Gah! My heart!!

These kids…. <3

Matchign Cousins_1643

my daughter…

Matchign Cousins_1642 Matchign Cousins_1641

oh lily…

Matchign Cousins_1640 Matchign Cousins_1636Matchign Cousins_1635 Matchign Cousins_1634 Matchign Cousins_1632

Again, Eloise with the faces..lolMatchign Cousins_1631 Matchign Cousins_1630 Matchign Cousins_1629 Matchign Cousins_1639 Matchign Cousins_1638 Matchign Cousins_1637 Matchign Cousins_1628 Matchign Cousins_1627 Matchign Cousins_1626 Matchign Cousins_1644 Matchign Cousins_1645 Matchign Cousins_1646 Matchign Cousins_1647 Matchign Cousins_1648

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