Little Miss 9 Months


9 Months. 3/4 of a year! This lady is growing!! July was, well, it was insane. I don’t even know how to explain. So much happened this last month! From family vacations to our first hospital trip. It really was crazy.

Fun Facts:

  • Is up to 5 teeth now! We cut 3 this month! Yes, it wasn’t fun. Yes, we didn’t sleep.
  • Is still standing up on everything and speeding around. She is now letting go of furniture and lunging towards us. A couple steps have been made and we are anticipating walking soon!
  • Still loves music! All you have to do is say “dance dance dance” and she shakes it!!
  • Learned to “click” with her tongue. She thinks it’s hilarious when everyone around her starts to do it with her!
  • Started saying “Dada” but without purpose. Just babbling.
  • She is definitely learning word meanings and who people are. There are a handful of people we can say ” Where’s aunt Nana?” and she will search for them.
  • Her new favorite game is to play catch. She loves to throw and catch her ball. I must say, her aim is pretty spot-on.
  • Basically eats everything now!

This month in the life of Eloise:

  • Saw her first fireworks!
  • Celebrated her first Fourth of July!
  • Had her first ambulance ride and hospital visit on the Fourth of July. ( Separate post on that later)
  • Had her first family vacation! We went to Emerald Isle, SC
  • Saw/felt the ocean for the first time
  • Had her first Camp Sychar visit!! ) The summer camp Matthew and I met at when we were kids. We have a cabin there!

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