Little Miss 12 months

We made it!! We did it! We successfully kept another human alive for one whole year. It feels really good! I definitely feel like I accomplished something.

For the record, it is almost impossible to take photos of a 1 year old, and I do this for a living. lol. I am pretty sure none of my normal tricks work with her because they have been used 1000xs. Oh well. I am always just happy to have some and really show her personality right now.

October is the final month of my “busy season”. Not that I am not busy the rest of the months, but it starts to slow down after October. This month, as much as we wanted to do lots of things, we did what we could. BUT we did have a few very big events this month!

Fun Facts:

  • Still no new teeth. The original 6 are still there are working!
  • Has progressed from walking to “running” and now climbing. On Everything. Everywhere. Girl loves to climb!
  • She is definitely trying to improve her vocabulary. She is trying out new words all the time. She may only do them once or twice, but she is trying! Her favorite word right now is “shoes” and she loves the actual shoes themselves. She could play in her basket of shoes longer than any of her toys.

This month in the life of Eloise:

  • First trip to the Pumpkin Farm!
  • Celebrated Grandma Atwood’s and Aunt Gabby’s birthdays.
  • Went to a county fair. Saw the lights and animals. ( We are really into farm animals right now)
  • Celebrated turning ONE YEAR OLD!!
  • Had her first birthday party with all her family and friends!!!

It was a BIG month in our house. It was packed full of fun.


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